​Green Paper: At a glance​

Agriculture plays an important role in the economic and social fabric of Australia. The Government has prioritised agriculture as one of the five pillars of the economy. That is why the Australian Government is developing an Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. The Government’s agricultural policy is driven by one key objective: to achieve a better return at the farm gate.

More broadly, the Australian Government is focused on an agricultural policy that:

  1. increases returns at the farm gate
  2. keeps families as the cornerstone of farming
  3. builds the infrastructure of the 21st Century
  4. creates employment opportunities in agriculture
  5. reduces unnecessary regulation at all levels of government
  6. promotes access to key export markets
  7. focuses on Australia’s competitive advantages
  8. supports strong and vibrant regional communities
  9. maintains access for all Australians to high quality and affordable fresh food

The Green Paper represents the views put forward by the Australian public. We have heard from many of you about the challenges facing agriculture, as well as opportunities to make it stronger. Not everything can be done immediately, and some options will be preferred over others. We want you to tell us what you think the Government should take forward as its policies in the final White Paper. We want to know what your priorities are before the Government acts. Together we can take Australian agriculture forward.

The Green Paper presents a broad range of options on potential Government policy settings, categorised under:

  • Infrastructure
  • Working with the States and Territories
  • Competition and regulation
  • Finance, business structures and taxation
  • Foreign investment
  • Education, skills and training, and labour
  • Drought
  • Water and natural resource management
  • Research, development and extension
  • Biosecurity
  • Accessing international markets

The White Paper will be the Australian Government’s plan to take the agriculture sector forward for the benefit of the nation. That plan needs to be based on the views of people in the industry who know what will help and what won’t. The Government is calling for written submissions from individuals, businesses and other interested stakeholders on the best way forward. Tell us where you think the Government should focus its attention to build a strong policy platform that will work for the agriculture sector.